is metaverse for good.

Change the mindset, a change is a process. MetaVERSE, metaVERSE in everyVERSE. If diverse & inclusive, opportunity for all in this universe.

Welcome to the promise of the betterVERSE.



Improve and harness social capital to uplift community through Web 3.0.



Inter connect online communities with real-world opportunities, globally.



Engage with the local community around the world, and bring in opportunities.

Why we are Doing, what we are doing!

Find our special unique understanding

Building DAOs to solve real-world problems and create a positive impact.

Games are masterclasses at building universes of shared stories. Players experience adventures, learn, build lasting friendships, and engage with a shared experience in this collective universe.

Connect the dots

The collaboration between people, the private sector, the global community, and public institutions represents the blueprints for the future relationship between consumers and brands.

Bridge worlds

When borders are removed both digitally and physically. A shift to a borderless mindset built the foundation for global models of community commerce with shared values and aspirations.

Idea variants

Web 3.0 had brought forward this shift from individualism to collectivism. And the positive actions and outcomes that can be achieved collectively are remarkable for cooperative finance models.

Only required

We tend to overhype the short-term impact of technology but underestimate its long-term effect of it. Applies to Web 3.0 and cooperative finance models.

Partnership with local communities with shared values and aspirations.


At scale, these games are next-generation social networks & cultural powerhouses. And we want to bridge the real twin into this shared digital experience.

“In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm, in the real world all rests on perseverance.”

‒ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.

Questions and answers


What are TRAVERSE world?

Building DAOs are solving real-world problems and creating a positive impact.

Thinking of virtual-to-physical and physical-to-virtual commerce and unlocking it at scale. The simple idea is to collaborate with global cities and towns to develop local infrastructures. In the hospitality sector, tourism will bring in local employment and revenue inflow.


Can my city become part of it ?

Yes! It’s a new way how community commerce with shared values and aspirations and the positive actions and outcomes can be achieved collectively is remarkable for cooperative finance models like DAOs.


What benefits as an investor for me?

DAOs ( Decentralized Autonomous Organizations ) tokens provide local and international investors flagship utilities into the growing economy of the ecosystem. Investors can access steady monthly revenue with tokenomics as a proportionate share of all profits from revenue of this omnipresence ecosystem.

Building DAOs to solve real-world problems and create a positive impact.

Let’s connect, let’s brainstorm, let’s discover, together!


Krypta Analytics is collaborative research, technology, and outsourcing company with a core competency in Blockchain – token economics and DAOs + GameFi.

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